We are one of the best health clinics in Siwan, with over 25 certified and qualified doctors serving the community for 20 years.

“I got my knee replaced at Sri Sai Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Rameshwar Kumar and it was very successful. Now I can easily walk and even run without any difficulty..”

Ramadhir Ojha

Knee Replacement

“I was suffering from some issues in my throat and got it treated at Sri Sai Hospital and now the issue is totally solved. Medicines prescribed were really cheap and also no major side-effects.”

Shyamji Singh

Ortho Patient

“My old aged father visits Sri Sai Hospital once every month for a regular checkup and let me say this, the staff is really nice and they smoothly take care of patients and other necessities…”

Anwar Hussain


“Sri Sai Multispecialty Hospital is one of the best places to get treated when it comes to maternity care. I will highly recommend them as their medical services are modern and super good..”

Malti Devi

Maternity Care

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